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I know there are a few clubs still open, but an open club on May 1st, is not a good time to be opening in my opinion. April is supposed to be a slow month, and May is supposed to be a slow month. May 1st is already Memorial Day Weekend.

« Now that the dollar amount of the loan is fixed for a particular loan term, interest charges are determined by time and money remaining. Typically when financing a purchase, payments include a principal payment and a fixed interest rate, while the remaining principal and accumulated interest are placed into a payment plan.

The leasing costs are fixed for the entire term of the lease. So what you can do, is set up a fixed rate mortgage, and then just « float » the payments. So you make the payments on the mortgage, as if you are paying only the interest, And all other funds that you would normally pay to the leasing company, are the principal and interest for the financing of the car. I do not have a link for you, but I have tried to find one.


Even if you had just a portion of an interest-only loan, they would continue making their interest payments every month and, as a result, they would always have their principle paid in full, regardless of the term, except when there is a balloon payment at the end.
That means that your payments are actually always working for you, in terms of paying off the car.

Suzanne J. McCarroll

Suzanne J. McCarroll (born 1966) is a British-born visual artist, whose work includes photography, painting, drawing, and installation. She is a British artist based in Ireland.

Background and education
McCarroll was born in London in 1966. She received her undergraduate degree from the University


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If you’re considering growing a vegetable garden this season, here’s how to get started—and where to go for tips and advice.

January 9, 2012


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How to Start a Vegetable Garden

Can’t decide where to plant? With so many vegetables to choose from, the answer is simple: Somewhere. With a vegetable garden, you’ll get not only fresh food but also a chance to engage in some mindful activity. If you’re interested in a more DIY option, here’s how to start a vegetable garden — and where to go for tips and advice.

After looking at the options, you may have a clear idea of where you want to plant your garden. Then make sure you keep it watered and

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